Dry saunas began as a family and social tradition in Finland. Their therapeutic value has since been adopted by a growing number of enthusiasts. Trevi’s Rustic saunas are made of natural red cedar, a species well-known for its natural resistance to water and termites. The distinct odour of cedar and the warmth of our saunas will transport you to the distant world of Finnish tradition. Experience the Scandinavian lifestyle in the comfort of your own home with Trevi’s Rustic Cedar sauna.

Special features

  • Made from Western canadian red cedar. To preserve the natural look of your sauna, we highly recommend to apply a waterproof sealant to make the cedar water resistant.
  • A tinted glass door and a rear window allow natural light to flood the sauna while preserving your intimacy.
  • Adjustable air vents to control interior air flow.

The stainless steel hot stone furnace is equipped with a timer so you can pre-heat the sauna to meet your schedule (programmable up to 8 hours in advance).

Also includes
15-minute hourglass, thermometer, hygrometer, bucket and ladle, comfortable anti-slip floor and lighting system.

Available Shapes
Model with 6’ facing, stool on each side

Cherokee – 8’x6’x6′ (4 persons inside, 2 persons outside)

Chinook – 8’x6’x6′ (4 persons inside, 2 persons outside) : Wood with visible knots