Relaxation and escape !

When you choose a Trevi détente spa, you’re making an investment in your health and your well-being. Can you think of a better way to take a well-deserved break than in a Trevi spa? Somes of Trevi détente spas come with an in.tune sound system by Gecko, bypass control valves and multiple massaging water jets to maximize relaxation. they are also powered by the Gecko Aeware in.xe, the safest, sturdiest, most advanced and flexible spa system ever.

  • 92 in X 92 in X 36 in
  • 8 seats
  • 84 adjustable water jets, including: Vortex jets, Tuina jets, sequential Shiatsu jets and 2 Master-type foot jet
  • Waterfalls
  • 2 illuminated fountains
  • Deluxe LED lighting
  • 1608 liters
  • 6 therapeutic stations (6 seats)
  • 2 X 7 bhp Balneotherapy pumps
  • Ozone system
  • Synthetic rattan thermal skirt
  • Audio system with 2 speakers

As the Romans used to say: “Sanitas per aqua”, or “Health through water”. The health benefits of for the body and the soul water have been well-documented in Europe since Antiquity, and are now accessible right in your own backyard. When you purchase a spa, you’ll quickly begin appreciating your new environment and the soothing effects of warm water. Let the water jets caress your body and deliver you from stress and muscle aches. Thanks to warm water, the lightness of your body and various massaging techniques – rotating, directional or vortex jets – you will be floating in a peaceful oasis of relaxation and pleasure.

The benefits of light therapy
Light therapy is a pleasant way to pamper yourself and get your fill of energy through exposure to a light source. Stretch out in one of our spas and take advantage of the AquaGlow LED lighting to keep a positive outlook on things and stay in shape during those dark and gloomy fall and winter days.

The benefits of therapeutic jets
Trevi jets are set to adapt perfectly to your anatomy, your personal tastes and your unique needs. Can you imagine anything more relaxing than a massage in a warm and peaceful atmosphere?

The benefits of music therapy
Music promotes physical, psychological and emotional harmony, and contributes to the treatment of certain illnesses and conditions. Trevi spas can be fitted with a sound system in order to increase their relaxation power, or simply to make your dip more enjoyable.

The benefits of aromatherapy
Aromatherapy consists of using soothing smells to treat and heal certain medical conditions. In addition to the comfort of hydrotherapy, take advantage of the benefits of aromatherapy with our wide assortment of scents developed especially for Trevi spas.