Trevi Versailles

Treat yourself to the majestic and spacious Trevi Versailles from the Nature Series, the latest addition to Trevi’s line-up of semi in-ground cedar pools. Designed from a process similar to in-ground pools, it boasts a concrete bottom and rises only 18 inches from the ground.


Straight-sided 7 inches top seats and attractive joints give the Versailles pool its traditional charm and style. Beaded liner with decorative border is pre-attached to anchoring system. Premium quality foam insulation. This pool can be installed semi in-ground only.


  • Flexible panels are pre-assembled and perforated for easy installation.
  • The slats allow for expansion and contraction in response to changes in humidity.
  • Crown
  • Pool depth is 52 inches, rising only 18 inches from the ground.


The Trevi Versailles from the Nature Series is available with classy and elegant in-ground-type pool steps, thus allowing you to easily enter and exit your pool after a refreshing swim. Because of its concrete base, the pool can accommodate two depths: in addition to its original 52”depth, the Trevi Versailles may also have a 69” deep end.

Rectangular: 8′ x 12′ | 8′ x 16′ | 12 ‘x 20′ | 12′ x 24’ | 12 ‘x 28′ | 16′ x 24′ | 16′ x 28′ | 16′ x 32′ | 20′ x 32′ | 20′ x 40’

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