Trevi Frontenac

Available for in-ground or semi in-ground installation, the trevi frontenac pool is our most versatile cedar pool. Treat yourself to a stable and sturdy pool that will add an all-natural touch to your backyard. A sound investment in your lifestyle.


Large, straight-sided 7” top seats and attractive joints give the Frontenac pool its traditional charm and style. Resin components include top seats, steel strap supports, and columns and clips to hold panels in place.
Beaded liner with decorative border is pre-attached to anchoring system. Premium quality foam insulation. Hardware is treated to resist corrosion. The round Frontenac model can be installed above-ground or semi in-ground.


  • Flexible panels are pre-assembled and perforated for easy installation. The slats allow for expansion and contraction in response to changes in humidity.
  • Crown.
  • 52” pool height.
  • Two solid stainless steel straps encircle the pool. Their strength was engineered and tested to withstand the pressure of the water in the pool.

Round: 13′, 15′, 18′, 20′, 23′, 26′

Oval: 10′ x 15′ | 10′ x 20′ | 13′ x 23′ | 15′ x 25′ | 15′ x 30′ | 18′ x 33′

Cobalt 52


Basque 52


Gentilly 52